Peregrinatio Sancti Pavli Apostoli AD 60

“Once safely on shore, we discovered that the island was called Malta. The islanders showed us unusual kindness.”

[Acts 28]

Partners on the Road


Peregrinatio Sancti Pavli Apostoli AD 60

Saint Paul the Apostle, together with Luke the Evangelist, were shipwrecked in Malta on their way to Rome in AD 60.

XirCammini has worked, in collaboration with the Malta Tourism Authority and Heritage Malta, on the Peregrinatio Sancti Pavli AD 60 Project (“Sancti Pauli” in short), a walk passing through various sites, including

After the pilgrim-walk (cammino-peregrinatio) of the first day, above, if one has a 2nd day to spare the Collegiate Parish Church of St. Paul Shipwrecked in Valletta and the Anglican Pro-Cathedral of St Paul in Valletta (yes, Christianity in Malta is united by the Saint that visited us) and the smaller one in Bormla – where according to tradition – is the place Paul would have left Malta bound for Rome

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St Paul Heals Publius' Father


Journey with St Paul

Traditionally, Saint Paul’s Bay and Saint Paul’s Islets are identified as the location for the Apostle’s shipwreck [Acts 27, 28].

From there, walk the path of devotion to St Paul on full display in churches and grottos and through art.

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