Pilgrim Credencials (Kredenzjal tal-Pellegrin) are available from XirCammini. Contact us here for more information how to acquire a Kredenzjal tal-Pellegrin. For Peregrinatio Sanct Pauli Apostoli 60AD XirCammini’s Multi-Camino Credencial is being used.

For the Peregrinatio Sancti Paul Apostoli 60AD, XirCammini’s Multi-Camino Kredenzjal is used.

The Kredenzjal will serve as evidence of having completed the walk.

Credencial of Don Juan Benegas

Historically the credencial was the equivalent of a ‘passport’ (hence the reason for it being sometimes referred to as a ‘pilgrim passport’). It was a document of ‘safe passage’ issued by a local government or ecclesiastical authority for persons travelling overseas. The record above is an early 17th century certificate of safe passage issued by Grandmaster Wignacourt to Don Juan Benegas who was travelling from Malta to visit holy shrines in Europe including Loreto, Rome and Santiago de Compostela.