Għajn Rażul Fountain, Saint Paul’s Bay

The origin of the Għajn Rażul fountain is lost in history, however tradition has it that when Saint Paul was shipwrecked on our islands, he touched the rocks and water started gushing out as a spring to succor the other two-hundred seventy-five shipwrecked with him. The word Għajn means spring while the word Rażul is a derivative from the Phoenician word meaning apostle. It is not certain when the fountain was first erected, but the lower part of the fountain might have been carved out of a single ancient block of granite of uncertain date and provenance. The upper part of the fountain consists of a statue of Saint Paul housed within a niche, and an inscription which bears the coat-of-arms of Grand Master de Vilhena and records that this was added in 1725. Għajn Rażul fountain was included in the Antiquities Protection List of 1932 and was scheduled as a Grade 1 national monument. It was restored twice by Din l-Art Ħelwa Foundation. 

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